Why don’t you parse the response from curl and use it to trigger the second 

That is easy automatable using Bash commands - or do I overlook something here?

> On 9. Apr 2018, at 18:49, Pavel Ciorba <pavli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I make 2 cURL POST requests to upload and run a Flink job.
> The issue is that I do it manually:
> First I do the upload,
> then using the returned name of the jar, I make a follow up run request. 
> $ curl -X POST upload jar ...
> {status:success, filename: 12jhgjasd123asd12-ACTUALNAME.jar}
> $ curl -x POST run 12jhgjasd123asd12-ACTUALNAME.jar ...
> Can I configure so that Flink doesn't add the prefix to the uploaded jars 
> example:12jhgjasd123asd12 ?
> Or if that is not possible, 
> Has anyone automated the process? i.e. made a bash script that uploads the 
> jar, gets the returned name and then makes a run request with the name?
> Thanks

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