Yes, you are right.

But if I only focus to a statistical complexity of sources of Flink ? E.g. 
number of libraries, functions/classes/methods, number and size of source files 
and so on ?
How easily it is to get this information ?

Best, Esa

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I think this always depends. I found Flink more clean compared to other Big 
Data platforms and with some experience it is rather easy to deploy.

However how do you measure complexity? How do you plan to cater for  other 
components (eg deploy in the cloud, deploy locally in a Hadoop cluster etc).
Then how do you take into account experience of the team leader and people 
deploying it, issues with unqualified external service providers, contracts etc?

Those are the variables that you need to define and then validate (case study 
and/or survey).

> On 14. Apr 2018, at 12:24, Esa Heikkinen <> wrote:
> Hi
> I am writing a scientific article, that is related to deployment of Flink.
> I would be very interesting to know, how to measure a complexity of Flink 
> platform or framework ?
> Does anyone know a good articles about that ?
> I think it is not always so simple to deploy and use..
> Best, Esa

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