I use Flink 1.8 with Scala. I think I've found a problem with event
timestamps in TableAPI. When I mark my timestamp: Long as .rowtime and then
save it back to stream as sql.Timestamp I will get wrong .getTime result.
The gist for reproduction is here:
When I change my timezome from GMT+1 to GMT everything works ok.
I've found this post from March
but it's not resolved. The most relevant ticket I've found
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-8353 seems to not include the
problem I described.

1. Can you confirm it's a bug?
2. Should I post this bug somewhere to be at least planned to solve?
3. Can you recommend me a workaround for the described problem?

Kind regards/ Pozdrawiam,
Wojciech Indyk

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