the error it the original message means that inside a Kryo serializer, there is 
something that uses sun.misc.Unsafe to compute field offset in raw memory to 
access class fields. The problem is that memory layout in JVM and in NI is 
different and most probably will result in a segfault if you leave it as is.

If you really want to go further, there is a @RecomputeFieldValue(kind = 
Kind.FieldOffset) annotation in the graalvm to update the offset for NI.

But I guess the overall perspective of running Flink as a NI is not that good 
for the following reasons:
* GraalVM NI requires that the whole application is completely static and there 
is no dynamic classloading happening in runtime. NI still can handle some sort 
of dynamic classloading, but only if you define all possible combinations of 
loaded classes on compile time. Flink itself uses dynamic classloading when you 
submit a job there as a fat jar file. So you will need to statically compile a 
bundle of your app fat jar AND taskmanager code at once into a single binary.
* Flink also relies quite a lot on dynamic reflection in the serialization 
code, so you also have to build static reflection configuration at compile-time 
(by probably running your job+taskmanager with tracing agent on JVM)
* As GraalVM NI has no way of doing JIT compilation (as everything must be 
compiled statically), you should expect a lower overall job performance.

GraalVM and Flink can be quite a nice code gymnastics exercise, but what is 
your final business goal?

Roman Grebennikov | g...@dfdx.me

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020, at 11:48, ivo.kn...@t-online.de wrote:
> Whats up guys,


> I'm trying to run an Apache Flink Application with the GraalVM Native Image 
> but I get the following error: (check attached file)


> I suppose this happens, because Flink uses a lot of low-level-code and is 
> highly optimized.


> When I googled the combination of GraalVM Native Image and Apache Flink I get 
> no results.


> Did anyone ever succeeded in making it work and how?


> Best regards,


> Ivo

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>  * Flink GraalVM Native Image Error

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