Hi all,

I'm attempting to create a POC in flink to create a pipeline to stream parquet 
to a data warehouse in iceberg format.

Ideally - I'd like to watch a directory in s3 (minio locally) and stream those 
to iceberg, doing the appropriate schema mapping/translation.

I guess first; does this sound like a crazy idea?
Assuming not is anyone able to share examples that might get me going. I've 
found lots of iceberg and flink sql examples but I think I'll need something in 
java to do the schema mapping. Also some examples reading parquet for s3 seem a 
little hard to come by.

I'm aware I'll need a catalog, I can use nessie for the prototype. I'm also 
trying to use minio to get this all working locally but this might just be 
adding complexity at the moment.

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