Thanks Gordon!

I didn't know the name of the repository
Additionally something learned.

Yes, with the new version I can add the dependency
"org.apache.flink" % "flink-connector-kafka" % "3.0.2-1.18",

and compile it without any errors.


On 25.11.23 17:40, Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai wrote:
Hi Günter,

With Maven you'd list the staged repository holding the RC artifacts as a

       <name>Apache Flink Kafka Connector v3.0.2</name>

With SBT, I think the equivalent is using Resolvers [1]:

resolvers += "Apache Flink Kafka Connector v3.0.2" at "";

Hope that helps!



On Sat, Nov 25, 2023 at 12:55 AM guenterh.lists <>

Hi Gordon,

thanks for working on it.

How can I reference the repository for the new artifact. Referencing
3.0.2-18 I get an unresolved dependency error.

Thanks for a hint.


sbt:flink_essential_swrapper> compile
[info] Updating
[info] Resolved  dependencies
[warn]     Note: Unresolved dependencies path:
[error] stack trace is suppressed; run last update for the full output
[error] (update) sbt.librarymanagement.ResolveException: Error
downloading org.apache.flink:flink-connector-kafka:3.0.2-18
[error]   Not found
[error]   Not found
[error]   not found:

[error]   not found:

On 24.11.23 18:30, Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai wrote:
Hi all,

I've cherry-picked FLINK-30400 onto v3.0 branch of flink-connector-kafka.

Treating this thread as justification to start a vote for 3.0.2 RC #1
immediately so we can get out a new release ASAP. Please see the vote
thread here [1].

@guenterh.lists <> Would you be able to test
RC and see if the issue is resolved for you? It should work simply by
having a dependency on flink-streaming-java and flink-clients for 1.18.0,
as well as flink-connector-kafka 3.0.2-18. The flink-connector-base
dependency you added in the end as a workaround should not be needed.



On Fri, Nov 24, 2023 at 5:16 AM Leonard Xu <> wrote:

     - built a fat uber jar from quickstart with Flink 1.18.0 for
     flink-streaming-java and flink-clients, and flink-connector-kafka
     - then submitted to local Flink cluster 1.18.0. Things worked as
     expected and the job ran fine.

I guess things may work as expected when you submit your fat jar job to
cluster, because  flink-connector-base (1.18.0 in this case) has been
included to flink-dist jar [1] which will appear in your classpath,
but it
may meet issue when you run in local IDE environment, maybe you can
have a
local test to verify this.

In the end, I think we need to backport FLINK-30400 to the Flink Kafka
connector 3.0 branch and prepare a 3.0.2 soon.

Günter Hipler

Günter Hipler

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