The Apache Flink community is very happy to announce the release of
the Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator version 1.8.0.

The Flink Kubernetes Operator allows users to manage their Apache
Flink applications on Kubernetes through all aspects of their

Release highlights:
- Flink Autotuning automatically adjusts TaskManager memory
- Flink Autoscaling metrics and decision accuracy improved
- Improve standalone Flink Autoscaling
- Savepoint trigger nonce for savepoint-based restarts
- Operator stability improvements for cluster shutdown

Blog post:

The release is available for download at:

Maven artifacts for Flink Kubernetes Operator can be found at:

Official Docker image for Flink Kubernetes Operator can be found at:

The full release notes are available in Jira:

We would like to thank the Apache Flink community and its contributors
who made this release possible!


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