Thanks David. The links discussing these UTF-8 issues were very educative
indeed. Taking a clue from them, I contacted our web hoster and asked them
to change the default setting of charset=ISO-8859-1 which was overriding ALL
meta tag charset settings.
Things work now, and UTF-8 is recognized correctly.

Thanks for the information and help.

Best wishes

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Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: UTF-8 setting for Japanese characters

David Crossley wrote:
> Dr. Praveen Bhatia wrote:
> > 
> > Clearly, the charset is not getting set to UTF-8 in spite of settings
that I
> > did in, web.xml forrest.xconf, sitemap.xmap (xml
> > serializer and html serializer).
> > 
> >   What settings I could be missing?
> Some time in the past we had similar issues for our forrest.a.o site.
> See $FORREST_HOME/site-author/content/.htaccess
> #----------------
> # FIXME: Do we still need this? See FOR-877
> AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
> #----------------
> That issue links to a some other issues which might provide
> some background.

Ah, following through from
to the linked issue:
provides very educational reading on this matter.