Bryce Alcock wrote:
> So I will be giving this a try tonight or over the weekend...
> However, I wanted to ask a couple of more questions:
> (just to start people thinking...)
> 1.  I would ultimately like to have a solution that requires only
> modifications to my website data, not changes to the Forrest XSL Files.
>      Therefore, can we design/architect a change that can be contributed
> back to Forrest.
> 2.  Most users would want tracking, but they may not want the "Google"
> proprietary tracking,
>      Therefore, is it possible to design it to accept a "CDATA" as aposed to
> a "PCDATA" thus allowing Arbitrary code in the website data.
> 3.  Is it possible to update the DTD Docs with optional fields.  I Kinda
> like the validation.

See other occasions when this has been done.

Sorry, i don't have time to help much.

One way is to look at the SVN logs and follow what
was done on a previous occasion and see related commits.
and follow the "Revision" link to find related changes:

Also install "Forrestbar"
and use it to search for "skinconf"

It would be better to discuss this on the "dev" list.