On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 10:25:35PM -0500, Bryce Alcock wrote:
> Each time I use Forrest to seed a new site,
> The site initial fails to build with the following Errors:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> .....
> validate-skinconf:
> /home/bryce/repos/brycealcock/rohl/src/documentation/skinconf.xml:380:17:
> Element type "url-prefix" must be declared.
> /home/bryce/repos/brycealcock/rohl/src/documentation/skinconf.xml:393:18:
> Element type "disable-toc" must be declared.
> /home/bryce/repos/brycealcock/rohl/src/documentation/skinconf.xml:394:9:
> The content of element type "pdf" must match
> "(page,page-numbering-format?,margins?,show-external-urls?,disable-copyright-footer?)".

The business seed site has fallen behind. The generated skinconf is
declared to be v0.8-1, but needs to be v0.8-2 instead:

-<!DOCTYPE skinconfig PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Skin Configuration
 V0.8-1//EN" "http://forrest.apache.org/dtd/skinconfig-v08-1.dtd";>
+<!DOCTYPE skinconfig PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Skin Configuration
 V0.8-2//EN" "http://forrest.apache.org/dtd/skinconfig-v08-2.dtd";>

But after that is corrected, there are other build issues to be
found. Other than scripted, global codebase changes, the business seed
has years of dust on it.