Hello Bryce,

Am 02.10.10 18:41, schrieb Bryce Alcock:
I am looking for a way to create page in forrest that
is NOT on any of the menus.

The basic requirements is that I want to create a page that you can
get to _ONLY_ from direct navigation.
There will be no links to it in any of the menus or navigation bars.

However I want the page to contain all the existing site menus an
tabs.  I want the page to be skinned/branded as all the other pages.
I wrote a skin to do that some time ago. It will allow you to set an attribute in the pages reference in site.xml that makes the page show-only-when-selected.

That way the page will only show on the menu when it is open (which makes sense because by highlighting a menu-item Forrest indicates the context of the current page).

Whenever a different page is open there is no item for this page showing on any menu.

The skin is called "scales" because it allows you to build large sites without getting huge page overheads. It's included in head. The example site has an example for the hiding but you need to load scales for it to work.