I've been using Forrest since 0.7. In fact I'm long overdue an upgrade now
that 0.9 is out because I'm still using 0.7 - not had much time to spare for
that... and whilst on that subject is jumping two releases going to be easy?

Anyway, I've build a site that has quite a lot of content, internal and
external links. Forrest scores because producing this content is a lot of
effort and the last thing you want to end up with is content that can only
ever live in one domain. Forrest's document spec is simple and this way it
is relatively easy to process your content for something else, should you
want to. That alone is a great motivator for putting effort into one's

I've used Forrest to create the website for Inq - a scripting language that,
while much like others of its kind can be used in a general purpose way,
also includes cooperating client and server environments. It "reifies" many
programming concepts (for example variable references) so that common tasks
(like say MVC dispatching and database mapping) can be handled by the

If you consider it useful and worthy, perhaps you would add it to the list
of Forrest-powered sites.

Kind regards