Hi list,

I have a small problem which is the addition of a new project logo to our
already running Forrest site.

In /forrest/src/documentation/resources/images/    I have added my new logo
and have also specified it in the skinconf.xml which is in /documentation a

  <!-- project logo -->
  <project-description>Open Source Web Search Software</project-description>

However when I build the project in /forrest with 'forrest',, copy
/build/site to /publish then commit, the logo doesn't change, infact it
actually shows a dead link to the image as you will see here [1].

I've tried rebuilding and re-committing and it doesn't seem to be working at
all. Users lists have provided some unexpected leads on other topics such as
SVG which I am happy I found however I am still puzzling over this one. Any
pointers please?

Thank you

[1] http://nutch.apache.org