Brock Noland wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to update the Apache Hive site with no prior experience with
> Apache Forrest. I am hoping that someone can point me the right direction.
> I have listed the output of the script all the way at the bottom. Basically
> it appears there is a broken link but I cannot find where the broken link
> is. Here is the message:
> $ cat
> /Users/noland/workspaces/hive-apache-site/site/author/build/site/broken-links.xml
> <broken-links>
>   <link
> message="org.apache.cocoon.blocks.fop.FOPNGSerializer">linkmap.html</link>
> </broken-links>
> My only thought is that there is a missing PNG somewhere or perhaps a
> missing class?

A missing PNG should give a different error. Sounds like the PDF
document generation, and so the "PDF output plugin".

I did an svn checkout of the hive/site and it generates with
no problems using current trunk of Forrest.

I do not have older Forrest versions on hand here.
Hopefully someone else could try.

Earlier in the output, was there any strangeness reported when
it tried to install the "output.pdf" plugin?

You could disable the generation of PDFs by editing
and see if you get past that problem.

> Brock
>      [exec] X [0]                                     linkmap.html BROKEN:
> org.apache.cocoon.blocks.fop.FOPNGSerializer
>      [exec] Total time: 0 minutes 1 seconds,  Site size: 0 Site pages: 0
>      [exec] Java Result: 1
>      [exec]
>      [exec] BUILD FAILED
>      [exec] /data/local/apache-forrest-0.9/main/targets/site.xml:224: Error
> building site.
>      [exec]
>      [exec] There appears to be a problem with your site build.
>      [exec]
>      [exec] Read the output above:
>      [exec] * Cocoon will report the status of each document:
>      [exec]     - in column 1: *=okay X=brokenLink ^=pageSkipped (see FAQ).
>      [exec] * Even if only one link is broken, you will still get "failed".
>      [exec] * Your site would still be generated, but some pages would be
> broken.
>      [exec]   - See
> /Users/noland/workspaces/hive-apache-site/site/author/build/site/broken-links.xml
>      [exec]
>      [exec] Total time: 23 seconds
>      [exec]
>      [exec]   Copying broken links file to site root.
>      [exec]
>      [exec] Copying 1 file to
> /Users/noland/workspaces/hive-apache-site/site/author/build/site