Hi there Pieter,

Yes, if you look inside the geode-dependencies.jar, it will tell you the required jars.

For a client you can start with just the geode-core.jar.


On 4/9/18 23:40, Pieter van Zyl wrote:
Good day.

I have a client application that connects to a Geode server.
The client application is not Spring based at the moment.

Is there a known minimal set of jars that a client need to have to communicate with Geode?

It seems all the jars inĀ apache-geode-1.4.0/lib are required for client and server and there is no clear distinction that I can see.

Maybe it is geode-dependencies.jar based on the information here: https://geode.apache.org/docs/guide/11/getting_started/setup_classpath.html


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