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Subject: Re: Question about ordering of events in a partition in WAN 
deployments with parallel gateway senders


At the gateway sender / receiver level, event ordering is preserved because the 
same event processor is processing the same buckets (partitions) across the 
same connection to the same remote receiver.

The data region's primary buckets are spread among the servers. In each member 
defining the gateway sender, there is one event processor per configured 
dispatcher thread. The primary buckets in each member are split up among the 
event processors. The event processor processes the events in its buckets in 
order (actually random across buckets, but ordered within a bucket). It sends 
its batches on the same connection to the same remote receiver.

So, the processing looks like:

configured dispatcher thread -> event processor thread -> set of primary 
buckets -> batches on the same connection

At the region level, the region entry also has versioning, so an earlier event 
will not overwrite a later event.

Barry Oglesby

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 8:57 AM Alberto Gomez <> wrote:

On the subject of parallel gateway sender receivers, according to the Geode 

Although parallel gateway senders provide the best throughput for WAN 
distribution, they provide less control for event ordering. Event ordering for 
the region as a whole is not preserved, because multiple Geode servers 
distribute the regions events at the same time. However, the ordering of events 
for a given partition can be preserved. See Configuring Multi-Site (WAN) Event 

You cannot configure the order-policy for a parallel event queue, because 
parallel queues cannot preserve event ordering for regions. Only the ordering 
of events for a given partition (or in a given queue of a distributed region) 
can be preserved.

Given that the documentation seems to state that the ordering of events can be
preserved for a given partition when using parallel gateway senders, my 
question is how can this be achieved when using several gateway receivers.

Suppose we have a WAN deployment with 2 clusters, one with parallel gateway 
senders and a remote one with several gateway receivers.

Entry1 is updated twice consecutively as follows:
- First update: attribute1 = 3
- Second update: attribute1 = 5

As a result of the previous updates on Entry1, the gateway sender running on 
the server hosting the bucket where Entry1 is stored will send two events to 
the remote cluster that has several gateway receivers.

Could each event be sent to a different server or to the same server but over 
two different connections?
If this is possible, the order of arrival of the events to the server hosting 
the primary replica would not be guaranteed to be the same as the original one. 
Right? If this is the case, how would the ordering be preserved? Would 
timestamps be used?

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