fyi for those trying to use Eclipse.

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From: Vicky Kak <>
Date: Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 11:24 PM
Subject: Ecplise IDE import hacks
To: gobblin-users <>

The following wiki was not enough for getting gobblin imported in eclipse

*Configuring the Eclipse IDE with gooblin*

- checkout the code using
- vicky@vicky-Latitude-E5570:~/git/gobblin/gradle clean build
The above command failed, the tests were failing. I did ignore these errors
as I was informed in gitter that there are some issue in tests

- Execute the build ./gradlew clean eclipse *-PjdkVersion=1.8*

Next import the eclipse project with *nested import*

You will see the following errors

 Project 'gobblin-rest-api' is missing required library:

Since the build had failed and hence the test jars for the gooblin-rest-api
were not created and hence the eclipse IDE could not find it and errors the
above message.
To fix this issue we will build the gooblin-rest-service project as follows

- vicky@vicky-Latitude-E5570:~/git/gobblin/gobblin-rest-service$ gradle
clean build

It would be great if someone from the dev team tests it again and updates
the documentation.
Also I will update the build errors those appear due to running of tests.


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