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> Good afternoon.
> There is a question for you.
> We changed the AD schema.
> Now we have a new TestGuacGroup object in AD.
> The user who is in TestGuacGroup connects to the RDP server. It works.
> But we have many users, about 2000. And we can not add them there.
> How can I specify a group to connect to the RDP server?

The guacConfigGroup object extends groupOfNames, IIRC, so you should be
able to add a group to the membership of the guacConfigGroup, and the
members of that group will have access to the config group.


Group membership of other groups is indicated through the "seeAlso"
attribute. For this to work with Guacamole, the "ldap-group-base-dn"
property must be specified:


- Mike

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