You can do a mysql insert into guacamole_connection table for the connections.
And you need to do an insert into guacamole_connection_parameter to set the 
hostname ipaddress, port and any other required parameter.

I did that to bulk 200 connections at once when I started.

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Hi Olivier,

There is an example to create connection

SET @nom_group_connexion='TC';
SET @max_connexions='29';
SET @max_connexions_paruser= '1';
INSERT INTO guacamole_connection_group 
(connection_group_name,type,max_connections,max_connections_per_user) VALUES 
(@nom_group_connexion,@type_group, @max_connexions,@max_connexions_paruser);
#----------------------------creation serveur dans le groupe
SET @nom_connection = 'serveur_tc';
SET @proto='rdp';
INSERT INTO guacamole_connection (connection_name,protocol) VALUES 
(@nom_connection,@proto) ;

You can adapt it with file .csv for 300 servers

You have also to add your users and give them permission for each connection.

hope that help

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Objet : Easiest way to get 300 servers into guacamole!

Hi guys,

I'm looking at getting a list of servers into guacamole...  I use LDAP for

Is there an easy way to take the burdon out of making each one individually!

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