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> Hello Forum,
> I'm still new to using Guacamole so perhaps this is covered in the
> documentation so I apologize in advance if this has been already covered.
> I'm using Guacamole sever to help with a vendor providing remote support to
> some of our computers that run their software.  I also am remote to our
> office so I'd like to have it whereby both the vendor and myself can login
> through Guacamole and both use VNC to view the workstation at the same
> time.
> Is there a setting within Guacamole to help me setup so both the Vendor and
> myself can see the workstation at the same time and work on the issue?
> Thank you.

Guacamole supports session sharing, which should make this possible.  You
can find documentation for it here:


This should allow you to accomplish this.


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