On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 11:49 AM, Amarjeet Singh <amarjee...@gmail.com>

> if I type following keys I can see the japanese characters in hiragana
>  biyoin
> this means I am able to pass japanese keyboard layout to Guacamole and
> able to type most of the keys.
> but when I press the \ key (as per my hardware japanese keyboard), it does
> not type anything. The key @ types some other character. similarly there
> are more keys which are either not typing anything or typing incorrecct
> characters
Can you run guacd with debug logging turned on, and see whether there are
log messages referring to unmapped keys / keysyms?

I am using a Japanese hardware keyboard with 106/109 layout.
What matters is what keyboard layout the OS is set to use, not the apparent
layout of the hardware keyboard (which is purely cosmetic). The difference
between a hardware keyboard with layout X and a hardware keyboard with
layout Y is paint.

- Mike

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