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Guacamole release 0.9.14  installed on CentOS 7.0 (final) server having 4
vCPUs.  ( I tried with the latest CODE from th eGIT as well. )
RDP session of Windows 10 VM through Guacamole.
Play any You tube video on target VM in Google chrome/IE.
This is single session through Guacamole.

High, almost 100% CPU usage by “guacd” process on CentOS server.
guacd process contains 9 threads out of which only a SINGLE thread eats 100%
CPU and hence the process. (Image 1)
This is the thread which handles TCP connection with target VM over which
RDP data flows. 
Doing a strace on this process shows it is getting frequent timeouts in
select and frequent data on poll (Image 2).
Image 3 shows a gdb back trace of the same thread. Just to see call stack.
When the video stops, CPU usage falls back to 5%.

Please find the below screenshots.





Please suggest the reason behind and any possible quick workaround.

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