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> Hey,
> I've been poking around but can't find anything on this..
> Is it possible to display an input box so that the users can just type in
> the ip (or FQDN) of the machine they wish to RDP to?

There is some work in progress on this:


I am trying to see if we can use Guacamole to provide RDP access for
> roughly 700 people so they
> can remote into their work computers if working from home.
Ideally, you would pre-configure the connections for these people so they
have access to only their specific computer(s) after logging in to
Guacamole, pull that information from LDAP / AD, write an extension which
dynamically derives these connections on a per-user basis, etc. Having an
input box which allows users to connect to any arbitrary machine is not a
precondition for having 700 users.

Unless these users truly need absolutely unrestricted access to everything,
I would instead recommend leveraging Guacamole's gateway nature and taking
a more principle-of-least-privilege approach.

- Mike

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