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> Greetings!
>   Im looking to setup Guacamole for 2FA.  I have setup multiOTP and would
> like to see if its possible to have Guacamole use LDAP for user component
> and then multiOTP (radius) for the 2nd factor piece.  Is this possible?
> Can someone direct me to documentation on how to setup the environment this
> way?   I have the documentation for LDAP just looking for radius/TOTP
> documentation.

The RADIUS extension has not been officially released, yet, so the
documentation is not on the web site.  You can check out the latest
guacamole-client git repo and build it with the "-Plgpl-extensions" flag to
build the RADIUS module.  If you do that you'll also need to check out the
latest guacamole-server code and build and use that.  We're actively
working toward a 1.0.0 release, which will include this (and many, many
more) changes.  If you need the documentation for the RADIUS module you'll
need to check out the guacamole-manual git repo and build that manual, and
you can find the documentation for RADIUS.

However, I will caution that, based on what you've said, I don't think LDAP
+ RADIUS is actually what you want to do.  The way I tested 2FA with RADIUS
in Guacamole was using LinOTP + FreeRADIUS, and the authentication was done
entirely through RADIUS.  If you're looking to add a second factor to LDAP
authentication for Guacamole, and you want to do it through something like
multiOTP, you probably want to set up multiOTP to authenticate first with
LDAP and then move on to the second factor - if you rely on Guacamole to do
both LDAP and RADIUS, LDAP is going to succeed and log the user in and
won't know to move on to RADIUS.

Alternatively you can use the recently-merged guacamole-auth-totp module to
do this inside Guacamole, and you should be able to layer the modules such
that LDAP can do the primary authentication and then the TOTP module will
prompt for the second factor.  I think Mike is still working documentation
for this module, so you'll have to go back through the mailing list and
find documentation on how to use it, but it should eliminate the need to do
RADIUS authentication for Guacamole unless you're using RADIUS for other
stuff in your environment.


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