Whilst not a guacamole issue it does reflect on it's usability so just in case anyone else comes across this possibly after an "upgrade" I have traced back the regular expression seen in a few places on the web and discovered that a change has occurred either in the writing or reading of the log and it's consistency with the filter used in fail2ban, also anyone using the ubuntu install will need to adjust the log location in jail.local

I have only "got this working" not traced back any undesirable effects to the modification of the filter but here it is now working with my install
( ubuntu server 16.04, tomcat 9.07, guacamole 9.14 oracle-java 10server)

failregex = ^.*\bAuthentication attempt from <HOST>(?:,.*)? for user ".*" failed\.

I am not sure if the carat at the start is still necessary but according to the python documentation on re's it is at least "best practice"

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