On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 6:31 AM Reinert Korsnes <reinert.kors...@online.no>

> Thanks for hint.
> Guacemole seems to function wonderful for my application - so I feel I am
> close to a solution :-) However, I am newbie wrt VNC/XRDP and asking
> experienced people tend to save time. Anybody having a recommendation where
> I can ask for something like "RemoteApp" for linux? The intention is to
> provide access to only one (my) application to anybody with an internet
> browser. Two clicks away .. :-)
> This page might help, particularly the section on the xstartup file:


It probably depends a little upon which VNC server you are using, but
essentially you want to modify the xstartup file mentioned in that document
to run only your application and not a full desktop manager.


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