Thanks for sharing the information.
I want to generate a shared connection by default with every user connection. 
This will help Admin to directly connect to user session and see what user is 
performing in the system.

Pls let me know if this is possible.

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I am using custom authentication provider without DB. Now I want to share the 
created connection with others, can it be done?

Yes. Even the database implementation is an authentication provider which 
leverages the same API. None of the extensions that are part of 
guacamole-client use anything that a third-party extension cannot use in 
exactly the same way.

The part of the API that deals with sharing connections with others is pretty 
abstract. The database implementation uses a link containing a query parameter, 
but you can do just about anything here. It's really up to you to decide how 
things will be shared. The extension API conceptualizes this using credentials 
specific to sharing. Combined with sharing profiles, this mainly allows you to 
expose the ability to share the connection such that choices for sharing will 
be available in that "Share" menu within the Guacamole menu:


The technical capability to share an active connection is independent of the 
above. Internally, all that matters is that you pull the ID generated by guacd 
for the connection to be shared, and provide that ID (rather than a protocol 
name) when connecting as a user sharing that connection. That's all you need to 
do for that second connection to join the first. Regardless of whether you use 
sharing credentials, the share menu, etc., it's the use of that ID that causes 
the underlying connection to be a shared connection.


Note that this ID has nothing to do with database IDs or the more generic 
concept of identifiers in the extension API. It's purely a Guacamole protocol 
concept, used by guacd to uniquely identify active connections so they can be 
joined. You can see this covered briefly here:


- Mike

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