On Tue, Jan 14, 2020, 22:27 崔恒香 <chx769467...@163.com> wrote:

> My application connects VMs in openstack through guacamole.

> The concurrent number is about three hundred.
> Some users saw multiple reconnections and were finally able to connect.
> We want to reduce the incidence of reconnection.

This is still fairly vague. Are you referring to users being unable to
connect, being unexpectedly disconnected, or both?

How many do you mean by "some"? What is the general experience for users
that are able to establish a connection? Have you been able to confirm that
network disruption on the user side is not a factor?

Also, from the previous email:

> What resources do you currently have allocated?

> What kind of usage is expected in general within your users' remote
desktop sessions?

- Mike

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