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> I'm stupid, I don't know how to access the log files or confirm that guacd
> is running, could you show me?

I very much doubt that you are stupid :-).

I guess a first, starting question would be: how is Guacamole installed at
your site? Are you running the Docker containers for it, or have you (or
someone else) installed it natively? If you're using Docker, then the
"docker logs" command can help you retrieve the logs for a particular
container. So, you'd use "docker container ls" to show the running
containers, and then "docker container logs" with the the container ID or
name to show the logs. It should be pretty easy to identify which container
runs Guacamole Client and which one runs Guacamole server (guacd), and you
can display the logs for those and see if you can spot anything.

If you're not using Docker, then you probably have installed Guacamole
natively, and you'll need to look at the various components. Guacamole
Server, or guacd, is a normal system executable, and you should be able to
see it running with some sort of command like "ps -ef|grep guacd". If that
output returns nothing, or only returns the line for the "grep guacd"
command, then you need to start guacd by, first, figuring out where it's
installed, and then running it with /path/to/sbin/guacd. Logs for guacd are
normally written to syslog or journald, the normal Linux logging
facilities, so you can look for output from guacd wherever the normal
system logs are kept. In more "traditional" systems this would be
/var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog - many more "modern" distributions
have moved over to journald, and the output is in "journalctl".

For Guacamole Client, when installed natively, you should see a Java
process running the Tomcat (or Jboss, if that's the app server of choice)
application server, and the log files can be stored in a wide variety of
places. Sometimes Tomcat writes its output to Syslog/Journald, so it'd be
in the same place as guacd (/var/log/messages, /var/log/syslog, and/or
"journalctl"), but often times Tomcat has its own log file -
/var/log/tomcat/catalina.out, or in the "logs" directory under the Tomcat
install folder. Again, this very much depends on how you've installed
Tomcat as to where that is, so if you're still struggling, just post back
here with as much detail as you can on how Guacamole got installed to its
current state, and I'm sure we can help you out.

Finally, if you haven't, already, I'd recommend taking your time to read
through the manual, particularly the first few chapters that describe
architecture and installation of Guacamole, as I think this will help you
in determining where some of these things live in your current installation.

Don't hesitate to post back, here, with any further questions!



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