We are currently using guacamole, and it is great!

For our environment, we use LDAP authentication to authenticate against AD,
which is great.  However, we have some requirements where if the RDP
session has been disconnected due to error or session timeout, the user
should have to reauthenticate to get back into the RDP session.  Since we
are currently passing ${GUAC_USERNAME} and ${GUAC_PASSWORD}, it allows the
user to reconnect without authenticating, even hours later.

Are there any options to have the system "forget" the credentials after a
certain time period or being used?  We would really like to keep the only
having to login once (at least of the first RDP connection attempt),
especially since most of our users only have one connection setup so they
login and sent right to the desktop, but if their session times out, they
should be asked for credentials again.


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