So, I believe X11vnc is a VNC server designed to mirror a "real" display 
(physical system, for example) of a VNC connection, correct?  If so, it likely 
means that the physical display, and, thus, the X11vnc connection was started 
with a specific resolution, which is probably why you're getting that 
resolution.  1360x768 sounds very much like a not-too-uncommon laptop display 
resolution, although you did say desktop.  Based on some quick Google 
searching, it doesn't look like X11vnc is capable of expanding to the display 
size of the client, since it's copying a physical display.  It's different from 
RDP in that regard - it's literally a copy of the physical display - RDP locks 
the physical display and switches over to a virtual display when you connect 
(almost like connecting an external monitor to a laptop and then switching over 
to that external display).
If you absolutely must copy the physical display, I think you're out of luck, 
here.  If you don't care about the physical display, then you could start up a 
VNC server with whatever resolution you want, point it at a desktop manager, 
and accomplish what you're trying to accomplish.  There is some support for 
XRandR in VNC, though I'm not sure how fully it's supported, so I don't know 
that you could get the full resize experience you get when you use RDP, e.g. 
for various client display sizes, etc.  Maybe someone on the list has better 
experience with Guacamole, VNC, and display resolutions - my experience is 
limited to RDP and SSH.

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 9:02:59 AM EDT, brian mullan 
<> wrote:

My remote connection is via X11VNC to an Ubuntu-MATE desktop.
My X11VNC connections seems limited to 1360x768 at least when I  check 
Hardware/Display that is the maximum setting I see available?

I did some searches and found this guacamole "resolution" description

but in the Guacamole Connection config I don't see any option to do this?
How is the above configured ?   I'd like to get it to match what the Guacamole 
RDP connection can provide with is 2492x1326.

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