Hi all

I am facing an issue while accessing data from an hbase m7 table which has
about 50 million records.

In a single Api request, we make 3 calls to hbase m7.
1. Single Multi get to fetch about 30 records
2. Single multi-put to update about 500 records
3. Single multi-get to fetch about 15 records

We consistently get the response in less than 200 seconds for approx
99%calls. We have a tps of about 200 with 8vm's.
But we get issue everyday between 4pm and 6pm when Api response time gets
significant increase to from 200ms to 7-8sec. This happens because we have
a daily batch load That runs between 4and 6pm that puts multiple entries
into same hbase table.

We are trying to find a solution to this problem that why response time
increases when batch load runs. We cannot change the time of batch job. Is
there anything we could do to resolve this issue?any help or pointers would
be much appreciated. Thanks

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