Hello, HBase Users.

These days, My team upgrade HBase Version up to 1.2.6 and test in our product.
In the meantime, My team improves real machine Fault handling.

My server is JBOD. So My team decided using data node volume failures 
thresholds in HDFS Feature.
My team set an option that is data node volume failures thresholds.
After that, My team received a call our infra team.
Because they could not unmount disk because FD was still alive.

So My team tracked FD, and My team found Region Server had that FD.
I do not know why does Region Server not closed FD.
(My team use shortcircuit.)

Have you ever experienced the same problem?

My team member created a Jira Issue[1].

Best regards,
Minwoo Kang

[1]: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-18454

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