It seems that in Table1 you already have request_date in UTC format. *Z *at
the end of the timezone is the zone designator for the zero UTC offset.

Now all you have to do is to use standard Hive functions which you can find
from Hive wiki

Use from_utc_timestamp to convert request_date to timestamp to timezone
specified in Table 2 (join two tables using aid column)


Andres Koitmäe

On 22 September 2016 at 20:05, Manish R <linuxtricksfordev...@gmail.com>

> Hi Guys,
> There is a scenario here that I am trying to implement
> I have a table say table1 which contains aid and request_date in ISO 8601
> format. I have one more table say table2 which contains aid and timezone
> details. Now I want to convert request_date from table1 to UTC and apply
> the timezone that is in table2 format for that corresponding aid.
> Table 1 example data
> *2016-09-15T23:45:22.943762Z abs123*
> *2016-09-16T22:48:12.943762Z erty456*
> Table 2 example data
> *abs123   Asia/Kolkata*
> *erty456  Europe/Amsterdam*

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