I get asked from time to time what Hive's level of SQL conformance is, and it's 
difficult to provide a clean answer. Most SQL systems have some detailed 
statement of SQL conformance to help answer this question.

For a year or so I've maintained a spreadsheet that tracks Hive's SQL 
conformance, inspired by the Postgres SQL Conformance 
page<https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.5/static/features.html>. I've copied 
this spreadsheet into a publicly viewable Google Spreadsheet here: 

I propose to add a static version of this document to the Hive Wiki, and to 
version it with one static SQL Conformance page per Hive major release, 
starting with Hive 2.1 and moving forward. So for example there would be one 
page for Hive 2.1, one for Hive 2.2 when it is released, and so on.

At this point I don't guarantee the spreadsheet's complete accuracy. Getting it 
into the public wiki with multiple editors should quickly eliminate any errors.

Does anyone have comments, suggestions or objections?


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