I have a jar that is configured under hive.reloadable.aux.jars.path. Upon
updating the jar and successful execution of *RELOAD;* command via Beeline,
the latest jar is not getting picked up. These are the steps I followed:
0. Started hs2 process with --hiveconf
1. Removed the *desired_jar*
2. Added an updated jar (that has some log statements) with same name in
the same location as *desired_jar_absolute_path*
3. Connected to HS2 process via Beeline and issued a RELOAD; command
4. Ran a query that should have emitted a log statement as per updated jar.
But it was not.

Please note that if I did a restart of hs2 process, the latest jar is being
picked and the log statements are getting printed.

Could someone please help me if I'm not using the RELOAD command right or
if there is a known issue surrounding it.

Thanks in advance!
- Shashank

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