One option to check for is if THP is enabled on the node running HS2. If enable 
try disabling THP and see if it helps

# Disable THP echo never | sudo tee -a 
/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled echo never | sudo tee -a 
/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag Thanks Prasanth

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I am currently trying to debug a memory leak in a HiveServer2 java process. The 
heap size for the jvm is set to 16GB. When I look at the heap usage it is well 
under 16 GB, However, if I look at the total memory consumed by the process(top 
command)  it's more than 30 GB.

Currently, I am trying to use pmap to see the memory consumption by the 
process. Here is the result of the pmap

It also shows that the process is consuming more than 30GB. However, it is not 
clear what is causing the process to consume more than 30GB.

Any suggestion, on how I can debug this issue. The JVM heap memory usage seems 
to be fine. It is well under 16GB. However, the total process memory consumed 
by the java process is more than 30GB.

Could you please recommend any tools/methods that I could use to debug this 


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