We want to leverage standalone metastore for our project, for which I want
to enable access to multiple S3 buckets, each with its own access key and
secret key. I am trying to access the metastore operations from a Java
client using HiveMetastoreClient and using the thrift metastore URI to
connect to the metastore service. For the database location and table
location, I am using the S3A file system scheme. I am trying to set the
access key and secret key for the S3 bucket location in the
HiveMetastoreClient, but the client side settings are never honoured and I
cannot figure out a way to do this. One way is to provide the per-bucket
access key and secret key on the server side in metastore-site.xml.
However, I want this to be dynamic as I want the metastore to be multi
tenant enabled and based on the current tenant user, I wish to provide
these keys through my client. I tried looking through the metastore source
code, but did not find a way to do this. Can this be done ?

I am using apache-hive-metastore-3.0.0 version.

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