I'm trying to load local partitions of a partitioned cache when a minimum
number of nodes (let's say 2) join a cluster.  To do that I'm deploying a
listener for NODE_JOIN discovery event.  Once the 2nd node joins, the
listener fires on the 1st node and triggers execution of cache load logic in
a separate thread which calls Affinity.primaryPartitions(<local-node>) to
determine specific local partitions to load.  The problem is that this call
returns all partitions which means partition-2-node assignment has not been
updated yet on this 1st node.  However, correct partition set will be
returned if I force a thread to sleep for some time before checking the
partition-2-node assignment.   The same partition determination logic is
executed on the 2nd node as well.  In this case the call to
Affinity.primaryPartitions(<local-node>) always correctly returns every
other partition.  The question is how to avoid the race condition on the 1st

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