I thought the purpose of using log4j was to avoid the steps in that link? 
The link I included says "you can either add ignite-log4j module to the list
of the used jars so that Ignite would use Log4j as a logging subsystem, or
alter default Spark classpath as described here."  Does "adding it to the
list of used jars" mean something other than adding it to the pom?  I've
added it to the pom and that doesn't seem to be doing anything.

The error is the same before and after adding the log4j jar, doesn't seem to
have changed anything.  This is the runtime error, not a build error. I'm
assuming I missed some important step in activating log4j, I just don't know
what "adding it to the list of used jars" means, if not adding it to the

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