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landon9720 wrote
> I have noticed @IgniteInstanceResource not working when used in the
> configuration file read when running ignite.sh. Looking the implementation
> it doesn't support this. This raises the question:
> How can Spring-managed beans get a reference to Ignite? It seems that in
> this part of the program the Ignite has not be instantiated yet.

Ignite instance is injected to objects that are executed in scope of Ignite
(closures, entry processors, services, etc.). The main use case for such
injection is remote execution. I.e., a closure is sent to a remote node and
the instance which is actually executing the closure is injected there
before the execution.

As for Spring beans, you're correct. Ignite will start after the Spring
context is initialized, so there is nothing to inject (and actually Ignite
is not aware of these annotation, so I don't think it's even possible).
What's the exact use case you're trying to address? Can you show an example
of something that doesn't work?


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