Hello all,

I am testing Apache Ignite on Windows Azure and unfortunately am having poor
GET benchmarks. Does anybody have an explanation for this issue.

Configuration as Follows:

2 server nodes (8 core, 28G memory)
1 client node (8 core, 28G memory)
memory mode: off heap
cache mode: partitioned
atomicityType: Atomic
writeSyncMode: Full_Async
No Persistance
OffHeapMaxMemory =  0
JVM is tuned as per documentation
backups = 0, enable swap = false, start size = 500 MB
Key type: Long, Value Type: Long

Client Configuration:
20 Threads, each thread iterate 1M times, each iteration, it execute a GET
or PUt operation
GET and Put are synchronous

Put benchmarks: 654K operations per sec
Get benchmarks: 25,700 operations per sec (v. poor)

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