Hi Val,

Please find the attached sample code tarball.

$ tar -xvf apache-ignite-tester-cs-5.xz
$ cd apache-ignite-tester-cs-5
apache-ignite-tester-cs-5]$ ./configure
apache-ignite-tester-cs-5]$ make   // build nodemgr (server node) and tester
(client node) program;
apache-ignite-tester-cs-5]$ cd src
src]$ make pstorecb   // package TestTableStore implementation. uses
couchbase java client sdk.

src]$ ./nodemgr -c config/test-tool-server.xml   // server node
src]$ ./tester -c config/test-tool-client.xml -o 11 -l 1 -i 100 -n 10   //
Select all(-o 11),  10 entries(-n 10) with tid between 90 (value for option
i - value for option n) and 100 (-i 100) one iteration(-l 1)

src]$ ./tester -h       // for more options

thanks & regards,

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