What is the value IgniteDataStreamer#allowOverwrite(boolean)?
The property changes of algorithm of work DataStreamer, in particular order
of remap node.
Try to set it true.

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> Hi Below is our architecture,
> 1. Ignite receives data via Kafka Streamer
> 2. Tuple Extractor is implemented in ignite code
> Everything works fine till this step.
> 3. We stop kafka. No error yet.
> 4. We kill 2 instance (out of n instance) of ignite.
> 5. Kafka Consumer remapping also happens without any issue.
> 6. Cache rebalancing also seems completed (via log)
> 6. Post 2 mins, kafka is again started.
> And then we get the below error
> class org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException: Failed to finish operation
> (too many remaps): 32
> Even after Cache rebalancing and consumer mapping seems completed and when
> ignite receives new data through kafka then only error is coming.
> So not able to understand what remap ignite is doing?
> One point just for info, we are using Data streamer to add data in one
> cache
> and ignite visitor to process data.
> All caches are partitioned and have backup set to 1.
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