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> Suppose I have 10 Person entries in the disk, out of which only 5 are
> in-memory. Now if I run a SQL query which is expected to count the number
> of
> entries in Person cache, will the query run only on the disk or RAM or will
> it run on both?

The SQL query will simply run over the total data set, which is 10 persons,
but it will obviously process the data that is cached in-memory faster. You
can also speed up SQL queries by indexing the data.

> If the query will run on both the disk and RAM, will the count be 10 or 15
> (10 on disk + 5 in RAM)? Does the SQL processor know which entries are
> present in-memory to resolve duplicates?
If I understand your example correctly, then the super-set of data is 10
Persons (right?). In this case, the total count returned by Ignite will be

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