I have a c++ application that requires querying some data with transactions
on ignite. So I require a ignite client which would be called by this c++
application which would request the ignite server for processing the query.
Now there are two ways in which I could implement the ignite clients.

1. Use java for ignite clients and call these java ignite clients from c++
using simple JNI code. 
2. Use c++ ignite clients built using ignite c++ libraries and use these in
the main c++ application.

I know that c++ ignite clients also use JNI internally, but I feel like c++
clients do not have all features as java clients have like loading specific
entries in cache in loadcache(), affinity etc. Also I need to do additional
configurations and c++ BinaryType specialization for for mapping java Pojos 

What are the advantages or disadvantages of both the approaches. Does using
approach 1 have lesser overhead compared to approach 2? 

Also are there any better approaches than these two?

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