Hi all,

I intend to use log4j for Apache Ignite logging. The steps I followed are

1) add maven dependency of 

2) set the following in IgniteConfiguration file
                <property name="gridLogger">
                                <constructor-arg type="java.lang.String" 
3) When I start the server, it generates log at $IGNITE_HOME/work location.
I put in a debug point to see if Log4JLogger is getting instantiated and it

4) Then I set an environment variable in eclipse say LOG_HOME and replaced
IGNITE_HOME with the same.
When I restarted the server it is still writing at IGNITE_HOME. 

How can I change the location of my Ignite logs to a custom location I have
set up in eclipse environment variables ? I intend to use the same strategy
and let WAL happen at a custom location as well.

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