i've got both client and server nodes on each of 3 physical servers, that
is my cluster. there is a partitioned cache, each server node stores only a
part of keys. i start the application on my dev machine that app is also
client of the cluster further i put new key into the cluster. i would like
to see this change only in client which is located with server node which
stores this new key.

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You may fuse filter for that, for example:

ContinuousQuery<Integer, Integer> qry = new ContinuousQuery<>();

        fine al Set<ClusterNode> nodes = new

Factory<CacheEntryEventFilter&lt;Integer, Integer>>() {
            @Override public CacheEntryEventFilter<Integer, Integer>
create() {
                return new CacheEntryEventFilter<Integer, Integer>() {
                    private Ignite ignite;

                    @Override public boolean evaluate(
                        CacheEntryEvent<? extends Integer, ? extends
Integer> event) throws CacheEntryListenerException {
                        // Server nodes on current host
                        return nodes.contains(ignite.cluster().localNode());


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