Found the problem - this issue was caused by having 
“org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-devtools” in the project dependencies. 
Things worked as expected once I removed this devtools dependency.


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Hi Navnet,

Could you please share a reproducer for this issue? Some small mvn based 
project on github or as zip archive that will show the issue.


2018-02-08 15:00 GMT-08:00 NK 

I have a Spring Boot app using Ignite 2.3.0.

I am invoking Ignite in a class called IgniteStarter using
"IgniteSpring.start(springAppCtx)" where springAppCtx is my app's Spring
Application Context.

When I look for beans of a specific type in the main IgniteStarter class, I
get the expected result. My code:
Collection<Repository> jdbcRepositories =

I have an IgniteService (bootstrapped by Ignite) where I need to use app
context. When I use the same code as above (getBeansOfType(...)) in the
IgniteService class, I don't get any beans.

In the Ignite service, I am using ApplicationContext using annotation

I am able to get a correct bean count using
springAppCtx.getBeanDefinitionCount() (so the context is set correctly), but
getBeansOfType(...) doesn't work.

Any pointers to why getBeansOfType(...) does not return anything on the
spring app context managed / set by Ignite?


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