Hi Rajesh, 

While I don't have - and, probably, no one has - any benchmarks comparing
Ignite vs Berkeley in a single node configuration (as others have said, this
is not really a common use case for Ignite), I can say that performance
problems you see are likely to be caused by your query structure.

Rule of thumb for Ignite's SQL - avoid nested SELECTs. Also make sure you
have proper indexes for the fields you use in conditions. Usually you also
need to make sure that your data is efficiently collocated, but that only
applies to cases when you have multiple nodes.

I've attempted to optimize the SELECT you've posted - here it is:
    SELECT st.entryID, st.attrName, st.attrValue, st.attrsType 
        FROM "objectclass".Ignite_ObjectClass as t
            JOIN "Ignite_DSAttributeStore".IGNITE_DSATTRIBUTESTORE AS st 
                ON st.entryID = t.entryID 
            JOIN "dn".Ignite_DN AS dnt 
                ON st.entryID = dnt.entry
        WHERE t.attrValue= ?
            AND (st.attrKind = 'u' OR st.attrKind = 'o')
            AND dnt.parentDN LIKE ?

I can't really verify its correctness, but I guess it can be a decent place
to start.


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